Neon signs are the go-to exterior signage solution when trying to attract new customers to your business.

While neon signs may look alike to the untrained eye, there are two types of neon lights that are worth comparing before making an investment: LED neon signs and traditional neon signs.

The Pharr commercial signage experts of HiWay Neon Signs are here to break down the primary differences between traditional neon lighting and LED neon lighting.

Neon Light Materials

Traditional neon signs are fueled by a mixture of straight and mixed gasses that are trapped in glass tubes. The mixture of gasses, when combined with electricity, leads to the brightly illuminated colors that we all know and love.

LED neon signs, on the other hand, operate quite differently. Rather than using glass tubing, LED neon signs are powered through light strips that transmit diodes. However, one downside of LED neon signs is that they can be challenging to fix due to the diodes being wrapped in polymer jackets.

Brightness Intensity

Naturally, the brightness of your sign will affect how well you are able to draw in customers. A dimly-lit sign can be challenging to view and may not be as enticing as one that clearly stands out amongst the crowd.

The key difference between an LED-based neon sign and a traditional neon sign is the way they are illuminated. Traditional neon signs illuminate light all around a given space, at a wide range, while LED signs point their light in a directional manner.

LED neon signs will only illuminate towards the exact position you point it, almost as if it were a flashlight.


Traditional neon signs are considered to have a “classical” aesthetic due to their unique and iconic nature. These types of signs might appeal to customers due to their nostalgic factor, as well as their brightness. However, because of the complexity of traditional signs, they can be more costly to produce and maintain.

On the other hand, LED signs offer energy-saving benefits, and can be a cost-effective solution while still offering that “wow” effect that will attract prospective customers right into your business.

Neon Signage Experts in Pharr!

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