Brownsville Signs Lighting Up the Sky for 70 Years

Brownsville is the largest city within the international metropolitan area of 2.4 million people that we call the Rio Grande Valley. With ports, bridges, trains, and planes taking tourists and commerce everywhere across the globe, Brownsville is a great place to plant your business. And before long, with a growing Starbase launch center built by SpaceX, Brownsville could be the first interplanetary destination on Earth!

Is your business sign ready to compete on an international stage? Get the world looking your way with a flashy, informative sign created by HiWay Neon Signs, Brownsville’s best commercial LED sign makers.

Everything Your Brownsville Sign Needs to Display

Our work can be seen all around Brownsville and throughout the Rio Grande Valley. We make interior and exterior signs using either traditional neon techniques or modern LED technology. Whether you want a permanent landmark display or a computer-controlled sign flashing new information on a regular basis, our capabilities are ready to meet any business need.

Every Service Brownsville Signs Requiree

When you partner with us, we can help you from start to installation and repair. Our 40 staff members operate the largest fleet of service trucks in the RGV, and at our state-of-the-art facility, we’ll help you dream up and deck-out the best business signs around.

1. Consult – We can help you decide what sign will bring in the most customers at your Brownsville location. Every location is different–and every business is unique–but with all of our designs, we’ll bring out the best in modern, stylish commercial LED signage.

2. Design – Building a brand is important for your business, and if your logo needs an update, our gifted team of designers can help. We’ll make sure your signs bring out the spirit of your business.

3. Manufacture – Our modern manufacturing plant is ready to create signs of any shape or size. Our craftsmen and technicians have worked this trade for decades, so no design or technique will be too complex for them to complete.

4. Install and Repair – We partner with A-1 Skylite Signs to ensure every installation and repair is done with safety as our focus. All construction will be made to withstand our powerful Gulf Coast weather, and all construction will be done in compliance with the building ordinances of your area. 

HiWay Neon Signs: Trusted Brownsville Signs Manufacturers Since 1950

When you work with HiWay Neon Signs, you can trust that our team of master craftsmen will be using the latest technologies and techniques to make your business sign stand out from the crowd, and make money while looking oh-so-good!


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