Building Edinburg Signs the Right Way for Over 70 Years

You know you made the right choice when you opened up your business in Edinburg, the 12th fastest growing city in the nation with over 100,000 residents. We are proud of Edinburg as well; when we started our business, only 12,000 people called Edinburg home!

Edinburg has the room to grow big. The best way to claim your place in this success story is to show off your business brand with a Texas-sized LED sign crafted by your hometown partners, HiWay Neon Signs!

Every sign has a unique purpose, which means you must have experience in using many different sign-building techniques to bring the best out in any situation. Our work can be seen all across the Rio Grande Valley, in all types of locations. Indoor or outdoor, with scrolling signs or permanent lettering; HiWay Neon Signs has done it all.

Edinburg’s Commercial Sign Partner From Start to Finish

When you work with us, you have at your disposal over 40 expert craftsmen, technicians, and designers ensuring your business signs are built right and stay operational for decades to come. What our state-of-the-art building facility creates, our fleet of service trucks maintain.

1. Concept – We can visit your business location and help you determine what signs are most appropriate for your business needs. The flashy brilliance of Neon and LED signs may not be necessary, but in everything we do, our modern design style will always bring out the best for your business location.

2. Draft – As we work with you in developing a business sign, we are also able to help you update your business image. Your brand and business logo is the heart of our commercial sign creations, so we can help make sure your vision is expressed in every custom design.

3. Manufacture – With decades of manufacturing experience, our craftsmen are ready to create any display you can dream of. No design will be too big or complex for us to handle. Put us to the test, and prepare to be amazed.

4. Maintain – Once the sign fabrication is complete, our sister-company A-1 Skylite Signs will take over to install and maintain your sign for decades to come. Everything is done with our powerful Gulf Coast weather in mind, and every installation is completed to meet all building codes and safety ordinances in your area.

HiWay Neon Signs: Partners in Edinburg’s Growth Since 1950

It takes a team to create monuments that withstand the test of time. When you add HiWay Neon Signs to your business list of partners for growth, you are ensuring that your business is as welcoming to new visitors as Edinburg is to new businesses.

Create the Best Commercial Sign in Edinburg – Gateway to the Rio Grande Valley.
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