Running a business is hard work, and with so much going on within your establishment on the daily, it can be easy to forget about certain things that you don’t interact with that often.

This is often the case with your commercial signage. As time goes by, wear and tear can set in, and if it isn’t resolved, it can affect your business, your revenue, and your brand.

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3 Signs of Wear and Tear in Your Commercial Sign and How to Fix Them

1. Dull or Faded Coloring on Your Commercial Sign

Business signs that have been around for quite a while are exposed to a number of factors that can make their whole aesthetic look quite dull or faded. Everchanging weather conditions, extreme and swinging Texas temperatures, local fauna, and plenty of other outdoor factors can turn your bright and brand new business sign into a faded presentation that can turn off passing potential customers.

Case in point, dull business signs can lead to less revenue made for your business.

Sure, a swift paint job from your business sign maintenance team in Pharr can bring your business sign back to life, but for just a little bit more of an investment, you can get rid of the old and bring in the new with a savvy LED sign that stands the test of time.

As an added bonus, commercial LED signs have a lot more real estate to showcase any deals you may have going on, any safety precautions you are taking, or any other business details you need customers to know, giving them the confidence they need to spend their hard-earned money at your business.

2. Lights Out (or Burnt Out)

We’ve all seen those memes online about business signs that have lights burnt out in “strategic” places, turning a solid business message into a viral laughing stock. Yeah, you don’t want to be that business.

Because lights in a business sign are on and advertising 24/7, it is safe to say that they will eventually burn out–especially older signs that don’t take advantage of LED technology. Should you ever spot a burnt out light, it will need to be replaced, and if that doesn’t solve the problem, a battery swap can help as well, if it is a power issue. If the lights remain powered off, it may be time to replace it with a newer sign–or even upgrade it to a commercial LED sign.

3. Dirty/Grimey Business Signs

A business sign full of dirt and grime can make it hard for a passing potential customer to read, leading to a loss in sales and revenue. While this is certainly true, it goes much deeper than that.

A dirty sign can give the customer in passing the idea that if the business sign outside is dirty, then the inside of the business must be too. This is especially problematic if your business is a restaurant.

We know running a business keeps you focused on multiple things all at once, so scheduling regular washings and maintenance to keep those business signs looking brand new may be placed on the backburner. To save on costs, you may be able to take your own approach to cleaning your business sign, but it is always easier–and safer–to hire a business sign repair and maintenance team to do it for you. This is crucial to keeping revenue streams at optimal levels.

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