Many McAllen businesses know they want to purchase an LED commercial sign. However, they are unsure of how to present their brand, product, service – in other words, their content. 

HiWay Neon Signs is one of the few signage companies that truly understands the type of content that makes a McAllen LED sign great. Below is everything you need to know about content creation.

Behind Every Great Sign Is a Great Idea

Before manufacturing can begin on your new McAllen LED sign, there are many design and content-based concerns that must be addressed. For example:

  • Know your audience and goal – Pay attention to the demographics of your consumer base and use that to influence the goal of your content
  • Be unique – Not only should your sign stand out, but you want the content to be equally eye-catching and exclusive to your brand
  • It’s dangerous to go alone – Regardless of the quality of your idea, it’s beneficial to acquire feedback from knowledgeable and trustworthy experts

Luckily, HiWay Neon Signs’ design and consultation teams are ready to help at any stage of the creative process.

McAllen LED Signs and Technical Specificities

When you finally have an outline for new content on your McAllen LED sign, it’s time to get to work on the more technical aspects of content creation, which include:

  • Formatting
  • Use of color
  • Duration
  • Use of special effects

Formatting is particularly important when it comes to presenting your content to the public. You must know the size of the screen as well as the appropriate size of lettering in order to correctly format words, images, and effects. 

Utilizing the right colors can also greatly benefit your message as studies show people respond to certain colors in different ways.

Finally, average attention span times are particularly low when it comes to ads, so a short run time is critical. Fortunately, HiWay Neon Signs has a solid understanding of all these technical aspects and will address them when developing your McAllen LED sign.

McAllen Signs Harmonize the Simple and Complex

Getting your message across can be difficult, especially when you want to reach a wide number of potential customers. Some people may find the content too simple and stale while others completely avoid it due to a sense of “information overload.” How do you strike the right balance?

How do you equalize simplicity and complexity?

  • Refrain from having too much information/images on-screen at once
  • Include new, up-to-date content that is memorable while still informative
  • Make the call-to-action a unique one

While this can seem overwhelming, HiWay Neon Signs’ skills in both designing and manufacturing are available to reduce the stress and improve the end result.

Content Creation, McAllen LED Signs, and You

Though content creation can be an intimidating topic, HiWay Neon Signs’ seventy-year, award-winning legacy of consultation, design, manufacturing, and installation services can ease any worries. The many challenges content creation presents will be effectively and efficiently met by the HiWay Neon Signs’ team for your new McAllen LED sign.

Now that you understand the ins and outs of content creation, it’s time to bring your ideas to life. 

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