Design & Manufacturing

At HiWay Neon Sign, we have the solutions to meet all of your signage needs. From LED signs to monuments, there’s no sign we can’t build. We believe in producing the highest quality product, and the design and manufacturing processes we use are central to that philosophy.

Design & Manufacturing

Commercial signage is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing there is. Storefront signs advertise your business 24/7 and serve as the “hand-shake” your business delivers to every passing car or customer walking by. We know that not just any sign can catch a customer’s eye in a crowd of competitors, so we build unique and inspired designs to bring life to your establishment.

Hiway Neon Signs prides itself on its team of award-winning and highly knowledgeable designers who have the artistic touch you need to take any project from good, to stunning. Helping you visualize your sign is an essential part of our process and key to ensuring we find the perfect sign for your needs. This is why we dedicate ourselves to producing design presentations that are well thought out, precise, and highly detailed. 

Our team of designers can do it all, and that includes helping you design a logo. Creating that perfect logo that is key necessary to building and maintaining a consistent reputation for your brand. If you’re starting a new business or looking to change the logo you currently have, our designers will gather a range of information on your business and meet with you to find ideas for the perfect logo.

Once your design is set, it’s time to give it life. Our experts are dedicated to quality manufacturing that brings forth any idea you have about attractive signage for your business into reality. Our manufacturing facility is the home-base of the fabrication process, and we encourage clients to stop by for a checkup or tour some time. The amount of focus we place on creating your vision will leave you impressed.

Looking for inspiration for your next signage project?  Check out our online profile to see some of our high-quality work.

The Benefits of High Quality Design & Manufacturing

The benefits that come from a professionally designed, manufactured, and installed sign are hard to overestimate. Signs are more than just colorful words; every detail–from the text to the lighting, to the size, shape, and color–serves its own purpose. Each business and brand requires a different sort of sign. Each location has a specific sort of sign that will fit best. These are the sorts of considerations we at HiWay Neon Signs love to examine. With our creativity and expertise, we can help take your business to the next level with effective professional commercial signage.

When you put down good money to order a professional grade sign, not only do you want a quick return on your investment, but you also want it to last as well. Since 1950, clients have relied on HiWay Neon Signs to use proven fabrication processes to make the most attractive and durable signs that are placed on the faces of businesses throughout South Texas, and we are proud to deliver.

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