While the entire state of Texas experienced a once-in-a-generation winter storm, many individuals and businesses experienced a tremendous toll, both physically and financially.

As per Business Wire, Winter Storm Uri may have been the most financially impacting winter storm in the history of Texas, costing billions in insurance and property damages. 

While many businesses are currently attempting to recover from this unprecedented storm and its ice damage, it is important to let your customers know that your business is still active during these tough times by making sure your business sign is still standing strong!

The Pharr business signage experts at HiWay Neon Signs are here to help our Rio Grande Valley business owners identify the options they have regarding upgrading their commercial signage that may have been put out of commission because of the storm.

Indications That You May Need to Upgrade Your Storefront Signage 

As the severe freezing has significantly impacted essential infrastructure and utilities across the entire Valley, many local businesses experienced severe damages to their buildings and storefront signage. 

If your sign may have experienced significant exterior and internal damages due to the inclimate weather, this may be a good sign that you are in need of an upgrade.

Leftover debris, damaged lights, and noticeable exterior damages are clear indications that your current sign may have been damaged during the storm and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Leaving a damaged exterior sign can serve as a bad look aesthetically and can give your customers a misleading impression that you may not be open for business. This will impact your cash flow in the long run, something that must remain strong in the aftermath of such a harsh winter storm.

Upgrading Commercial Signage Tips to Consider

Yes, while this winter storm may have been deemed unprecedented, it is important to expect the unexpected at all times, especially for future weather-related events.

With this being said, it is vital to consider sustainable materials that can be able to withstand any type of weather at any given time.

Materials such as dibond, dura-wood, and UL-listed electronic materials can all resist harsh weather conditions.

Upgraded storefront signage can definitely bring a lot more attention to your business, but with making such an investment, it is crucial to have regularly updated maintenance in order to keep it in the best shape from here on out.

The smallest wear and tear can eventually evolve into a much larger problem that can cause permanent damage to your signage over time, so it is best to be kept up to date with any scheduled maintenance when making such an important investment.

Pharr Signage Experts Ready to Help Brighten Up Your Business!

As the Rio Grande Valley is recovering from Winter Storm Uri, our community is stronger when we all work together.

That’s why the Pharr commercial signage experts of HiWay Neon Signs are ready to help local businesses that have been significantly impacted by creating the beautiful new sign they deserve, or restoring their older sign to glory.


If your storefront signage was damaged by Winter Storm Uri, contact HiWay Neon Signs today.