Every business needs to decide when it’s an applicable time to make changes within the organization. From management to strategy, change is the one constant thing that we all encounter in business. When we’re talking about commercial signage in Pharr, however, change is also a definite constant.

Your storefront signage is important because it’s usually one of the first things that potential customers notice when they’re driving down the street, and if it doesn’t appeal to them visually or through past pleasant experiences, you could lose traffic and–subsequently–revenue.

That is why a business sign audit is so important. Examining whether it’s time for your company to do signage update is a big step to ensure that your business stays profitable, especially now during such uncertain times.

The Science Behind a Business Sign Audit 

If you’re at the point where you believe that your signage has become dated, then it’s time for an upgrade. Conducting a business sign audit is a means for you to gauge whether your customers feel the same way about your sign as you do. Things to consider when conducting a business sign audit on your storefront signage include:

  • How old is the sign? If your storefront signage is older than the other businesses that surround yours, your sign can look weathered and dated. In addition, your sign may not be visible or may be obscured by its surroundings, and an audit may help find a better solution to this.
  • Does your sign translate with the overall branding of your company? Does your commercial signage explain exactly what you do and why someone should bring their business to you?
  • Does my signage give enough information about my business? Given the climate we are living in currently, enhancing your storefront sign with digital signage can give potential customers information about any rules and restrictions with regards to entering your establishment.
  • Do your customers like your sign? Ask them to give you the pros and cons of your storefront signage, and then consider their input in making any decisions to upgrade.

A Different Perspective  

A full business signage audit will include a checklist that takes into account not only your sign, but surrounding signs as well:

  1. How does you sign compare?
  2. Does it stand out?
  3. Is it dwarfed by your neighbors?
  4. Does it enhance the aesthetics in the area that you’re located in?

You want your signage to appeal to customers, but you don’t want it to be an eyesore, either. If you feel it’s time for you to upgrade your commercial signage, travel through the Rio Grande Valley for much-needed inspiration.

Look at what your competition is doing. Can you come up with something that is better than their current signage? See which signs get your attention, inject your own preferences, and make a storefront sign that will check all the boxes.

You may even see some of the signs that have been crafted by yours truly!

If your business is ready for an upgrade, a sign audit by the experts at HiWay Neon Signs can help you get the perfect storefront signage.

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