Showing What Makes Our Harlingen Signs Unique for 70 Years

Harlingen has been at the center of the Rio Grande Valley since it’s incorporation in 1910, and it continues to welcome more visitors to the Valley every year. Just like the flocks of migratory birds that Harlingen is famous for hosting, people from all over the country find their way to Harlingen every day.

Your business could be visited by people young and old; everyone from medical students at the Regional Academic Health Center to retirees at our Texan Certified Retirement Communities. Is your business sign ready to attract a whole flock of attention? If not, you need to partner with HiWay Neon Signs, the best Harlingen commercial LED sign manufacturer.

Attractive Signs in Harlingen Available for Businesses

We have pointed the way for customers looking to spend their hard-earned money in Harlingen and around the Rio Grande Valley for decades. For street and freeway traffic, we offer the latest in modern LED sign technology, and for storefronts, why not stay true to the flashy neon signs we are known for? Consult with us today to see what options are right for your business.

Full Service for Your Harlingen Sign

Let us help you from inspiration to installation. Our team of craftsmen, technicians, designers, and drivers will make sure your signs light up the Harlingen sky and stay bright for years to come.

  1. Consultation – We can start by visiting your location and seeing what surrounding features exist that your business can expand upon. With our wealth of design options, we can make sure your unique business requirements are met with a modern style.
  2. Design – Your business brand should leave its mark in your customer’s memories, but if your logo is lacking that punch, our designers can help. In crafting a sign, we can help your business find an expression of its values that let your customers know they can expect quality from your establishment.
  3. Production – The experienced craftsmen at our facility are ready to make any design come to life. We have mastered everything from traditional neon techniques to modern LED displays, so no design should be out of reach for our capable workforce.
  4. Construction – Our partnership with A-1 Skylite Signs means every aspect of your sign installation will be done under the supervision of industry experts. All building will be done in compliance with the ordinances of your area, and all construction will be ready for any of the harsh weather our Gulf Coast climate can throw at us.
HiWay Neon designs, constructs, and installs Channel and Routed Lettering, Wall Signs, Monuments, LED Signs, Pole Signs, Interior Signs, Multi-Tenant Signs

HiWay Neon Signs: Harlingen’s Best Sign Manufacture Since 1950

Creating and installing professional signs in Harlingen requires a full team of experts. When you partner with HiWay Neon Signs, you will have masters of the craft at your disposal. With our commercial LED signs, your business brand will be sure to capture the attention of every visitor Harlingen introduces to the Rio Grande Valley.

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