When owning an essential business such as a locally-owned restaurant, aside from the quality of food and customer service you deliver, one of the most important factors for bringing in customers is its interior and exterior signage.

Having eye-catching, clean signage all-around your establishment helps create a certain sense of professionalism and can help make your brick-and-mortar business a very recognizable building that brings in curious new customers.

The Pharr commercial signage experts of HiWay Neon Signs would like to further explain what aspects of your restaurant signage are vital when trying to engage with current and future customers.

Menus That Make a Statement

One of the initial things first-time customers will be drawn to when they walk into your establishment is your menu. While the dishes you serve is just as important, the design of the menu plays a big role in how a customer might react and whether they’ll decide to get a specific plate.

Materials with a minimalistic board design can be the best way to introduce your food and drinks.

Important Safety Signs

While we are currently living through a pandemic, attracting customers can still be quite a challenge for local businesses. A good way to ease any concerns or stress is by having effective signage kindly asking customers to wear masks when appropriate.

Other important signs to have around your establishment include custom wet floor signs, wet paint, or out-of-order signs, which can help prevent an accident on your premises.

Aesthetically Pleasing Details

The best way to emphasize a pleasing experience is by creating an environment that is memorable and picture-worthy. Adding unique eye-catching signs throughout your restaurant can help give your environment that “special sauce” that no other establishment has.

These signs can be unique and informative, as they can tell customers about certain food or drink specials for the day, future events, and just simply as an aesthetically pleasing detail.

Iconic Exterior Signage

What is a restaurant without unique, recognizable exterior signage?

Creating an iconic sign with the right logo, font, and materials can bring the true spirit of your restaurant to life and attract customers from all around town.

Materials such as high-quality steel, aluminum, acrylic, LED, and neon tubing can all help raise your restaurant’s aesthetic and overall identity to anyone passing by your location!

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