Don’t Let Your Signage Melt Away! Protect Your Signage From Extreme Heat.

We all have felt how hot Texas can get in the summer. With temperatures reaching up to 114 degrees in the Rio Grande Valley, it is important to protect everything that matters to us from the heat.

Your business signage is no different.

Your Pharr commercial signage builders at HiWay Neon Signs want to help you protect your investment. Texas heat is a very real danger to your signs. From discoloration to broken lights, heat damages commercial signage in many ways if not protected.

Know how the Texas Heat Damages Your Commercial Signage

You may think there is nothing you can do to protect your signs from something as intense as the Texas heat, but there are a couple things you can do. The first part is knowing what to look out for.

There are three types of damage that can affect your sign:

  • Discoloration: A very common sign of sun damage to a commercial sign is the discoloration in the vinyl. Sunlight burns the vinyl, washing away any color. This ages the look of any commercial sign by years and weakens its structure.
  • Cracking: Not only can sunlight bleach the color away from your sign, the heat itself can crack it. Heat dries up the material, making it brittle. Because of this, your storefront sign can slowly crackle away.

If you have aluminum signage that’s painted over, there are chances your paint may crack as well.

  • Burned-Out Lights: Any electronics and light bulbs can also suffer the damaging effects of heat. The inner workings of your commercial signage’s lights can overheat, which can cause them to fail.

How Your Commercial Signage Can Avoid the Texas Heat

With Texas being as hot as it is, you may think the damage to your sign is unavoidable. However, our Pharr commercial signage experts can help you avoid them–or at least mitigate the damage. These are some things to keep an eye out for to avoid damage:

  • Heat-Resistant Material: If your sign builders are reputable like HiWay Neon Signs, you should be able to get heat-resistant materials to make your sign. Paint and vinyls are available in resistant varieties that will make your signs more durable.

Another option is to make your sign out of rust-resistant metal, which could also have a better chance of resisting the heat.

  • Proper Electric Installation: A proper sign builder will make sure your lights, LEDs, and all their components are properly shaded and installed. Make sure there is ventilation for them, which will protect them from overheating.

Quality components are also necessary. If the components are insulated and of good quality, not even the Texas heat should be able to break them too fast.

  • Get a Reputable Signage Builder: Make sure to do your research and choose HiWay Neon Signs to build your signage. Having a high quality and truly experienced builder like us ensures that your sign will be able to endure the weather for a longer time.

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The Pharr commercial signage builders of HiWay Neon Signs are determined to help local businesses Valley-wide have proper signage in order to reach their business goals.

Our team of producers will help you design and install a durable outdoor sign for your establishment, and make sure it is beautiful as it is effective for years to come!


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