As we begin to adapt to this new, socially distant lifestyle created by the current coronavirus pandemic, it is now more important than ever that your business provide clear communication with customers.

With many local businesses still open, it is essential to have the proper store-front signage that gives valuable information. The LED and neon sign specialists of HiWay Neon Signs salute those businesses that are remaining open in order to serve our community and we are dedicated to assisting you with all of your commercial signage needs.

Adjusted Operations

If you are going to remain open for business, your customers will need to be notified of any changes to how you are operating. 

Due to the executive orders signed by Governor Greg Abbott, and local government curfews, businesses have certain limitations in how they operate. Depending on the type of establishment it may be, your businesses may be left with a handful of options.

With this being said, these are the best type of affordable signs you can call HiWay Neon Signs to help you create for your temporary business adjustments:

1. Open Signs/Hours of Operations

Customers must be aware of your new adjusted hours and the best way to do that is through a captivating sign that lets them know you are still open for business.

Having a custom banner outside your business with updated hours of operation is a best practice for transmitting this information to the public as they drive by your business.

Additionally, as your customers go into your business, storefront signs, such as window lettering, will help emphasize specific instructions on how you are complying with the current Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization guidelines, as well as government ordinances.

2. Delivery or Curbside Pick-Up Services

Many businesses, especially restaurants, are unable to legally accommodate guests inside their business. The most common approach businesses are currently taking is offering delivery services or curbside pick-up services.

The best way to let your customers know about these offerings is through road signs spread around appropriate areas near your business, custom vinyl banners, and other similar signage.  

If you are offering curbside services, having a-frame signs that will help ensure proper navigation will help smooth out the process of your temporary services.

Making Sure Your Customers are Following the Proper Coronavirus Protocols

By now, we’ve been educated about the necessary protection protocols each of us should follow in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, maintaining 6-ft away from the person next to you, and social distancing.

If your business is continuing to operate and provide in-person services, it is crucial to remind your customers through these signs and banners about the CDC and WHO guidelines. 

Whether you need these signs to run digitally or just need a unique sign that gets straight to the point, HiWay Neon Signs can help you raise awareness.

HiWay Neon Signs: Ready To Serve the Community

HiWay Neon Signs has been the commercial signage leaders across the Rio Grande Valley for over 70 years – and for good reason. While we are experiencing unique circumstances, our dedicated team would be happy to remotely assist you and design any type of sign that is best suited for your business at this time!

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