As a local business owner, we know that you strive to do the best that you can for your company and work hard to earn your clients. While you can use a number of online tools to promote your company, there is one very important element that can help to draw in local customers who see your business every day, and that’s your exterior signage.

Having a beautiful and eye-catching storefront sign will help to boost your business and draw in customers who are passing by. However, in order to create engaging signage, there are important aspects that you need to consider.

The Pharr storefront signage builders and commercial signage experts of HiWay Neon Signs are here to help! Be aware of the following elements when considering what type of storefront signage you want to represent your business.

Things to Consider for Your Storefront Signage

1. Conveying Your Message

In order to adequately represent and identify your business, you need a business sign that conveys exactly what kind of services you provide.

For instance, if you own a coffee shop, it would be wise to have a simple sign that signifies just that. Signage that gets straight to the point will attract potential customers and let them know exactly what it is that you do.

2. Visibility is Key

While this aspect seems like a common sense-type thing, some companies fail to have their signage in a visible location, which can ultimately hurt their business. In order to attract those who drive or walk by your business, your sign needs to be in a clearly visible spot where it can be easily seen by all.

If potential customers can’t find or see your sign, then they are likely to visit a competitor, which is the last thing you want for your business. Consider installing some bright LED lights or a large structured sign with compelling colors to have the most identifiable sign possible.

3. Make It Legible and Easy to Read

Having a clearly visible sign is just one part of the equation, but if your sign is not clean or legible, it has the potential to drive away your customers due to its poor design.

If your signage is hard to read, potential customers might not be able to understand what it is you are trying to sell or provide. This is a simple mistake that some business owners make because they may confuse elegant typography with great marketing. Doing so can hurt their pockets over time.

Transparency in the world of business is everything and a sloppily designed sign can create a false narrative that isn’t true. Oftentimes, simplicity is the best way to go. Clean and legible can do a lot for your business.

4. Less Is More

The first thing that may come to mind when creating a new sign is something bright and flashy. However, the opposite is generally true. Sometimes the fewer the details, the better.

A simple and straight to the point sign can be one of the most effective assets that you can have for your business. Not only are these types of signs easily identifiable for your customers, but they can also be effective branding tools.

When it comes to words, colors, and aesthetics, simplicity can greatly improve the outreach it may have on prospective customers.

5. Establish Self-Identity

The most unique signs always capture the initial essence of a business! Don’t be afraid to experiment in order to design the perfect sign that captures the spirit of your business and brand.

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