It’s been a hard few weeks for everyone in deep South Texas, from trying to stay healthy during the ongoing pandemic to making sure we’re safe and sound as we hunker down for hurricane season. Let’s not forget about the mosquitos and the torrent of humidity as they arise around the Rio Grande Valley.

 As we inspect if we need to do any maintenance and repairs around our homes, the same can be said of our businesses. Now is the ideal time to inspect whether your commercial signage survived the storm intact, and if it didn’t, your commercial signage experts at HiWay Neon Signs have a few options for repair or upgrading your storefront signage available.

Making Sure Your Sign is in Perfect Working Condition

Here is a checklist of things to look for in terms of wear and tear that may be affecting your storefront signage after a hurricane or harsh storm:

1. Exterior Damage

After Hurricane Hanna, plenty of commercial signage in the Pharr region sustained minor damage because of the storm. For a few other businesses, they may have lost their entire sign. If your sign needs to be replaced because it has been damaged, you may be better off investing in new and updated commercial signage that will not only have a more extended life span, but also embrace much of the visual aspects that are successful in today’s industry.

2. Burnt-Out Lights

While having illuminated signage is a great way to promote your business, if there is a light that is not working, that can severely impact how the customer views the sign. Fixing any burnt-out lights or any other lighting issues on your sign will showcase your storefront sign in all of its glory, allowing your customers to see your sign day in and day out.

Maintenance is key. Whether Hurricane Hanna destroyed a light or two, you need to address these changes, and soon.

3. Dirty Signage

Speaking of maintenance, your sign will acquire dirt and grime from being exposed to elements for so long. You can easily keep your commercial signage in pristine condition by scheduling routine cleaning checks.

Do this while you’re addressing any maintenance issues to ensure that they’re working well despite the beating that they often take from natural exposure.  

4. Weathered Signage

As we mentioned before, your commercial signage can take a whipping from the sun, pouring rain, and shift in strong wind direction to name a few. Exposure to the elements can make your sign dull, especially after a significant weather event like we just experienced with Hurricane Hanna.

The best way to combat weathered signage is investing in quality storefront signage crafted by industry experts. With HiWay Neon Signs, you have options when it comes to upgrading your sign. We’ve helped many local businesses realize their revenue-generating potential by crafting eye-catching commercial signage since 1950!

Did Hurricane Hanna damage or destroy your storefront sign? The commercial signage experts at HiWay Neon Signs are here to help.


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