Having uninspiring, damaged, or outdated signage can turn off any potential customers to visiting your business, causing your company to lose out on serious flows of revenue. As a business owner, that’s the last thing you would ever want to happen.

Thinking of a quirky, eye-catching design for a sign can be a tough job to take up on top of running a business, but rest assured that the Pharr signage experts of HiWay Neon Signs can guide you on how to choose the right local business signage company that can attract customers to your business and make big returns to your investment.

1. Choose a Versatile Signage Company

When first looking into hiring a signage company to craft a new sign, naturally it is important to look into what kind of services they offer. Whether your business needs a tall monument to attract customers or small vinyl lettering to install on your window, you need a signage company that can fulfill your specific business needs.

Not only do you get a signage company that can design and manufacture compelling business signs through Hiway Neon Signs, but you also get a signage company that offers initial consulting services, walking you through step-by-step in choosing the perfect sign for your business.

2. Choose a Signage Company With a Diverse Portfolio

Once you’ve found a suitable signage company, you can inquire via phone, e-mail, or in-person about some notable examples of work they have done in the past for other businesses. If they lack one or refuse, that is a red flag.

But if the prospective business signage company is more than happy to show you their current portfolio and their work indicates that they, in fact, serve high-profile clients by delivering innovative and versatile designs, you’ve found a quality signage manufacturer.

At Hiway Neon Signs, you get that and more. Check out our portfolio for inspiration on your next signage project, and don’t forget to contact us when you are ready to get started.

3. Look for Long-Term Support and Dependability

Let’s face it; investing in a business sign isn’t something that is a one-and-done kind of deal. Weather, accidents, and, in worst-case scenarios, vandalism can destroy or degrade the condition your business sign, leaving the impression to passing customers that your business doesn’t care enough to keep their signs in good condition. In the long run, that could turn them off from making a purchase at your establishment.

You need a signage company that offers both dependability and long-term support if, or when, these situations happen. With Hiway Neon Signs, you get a signage company that offers sign repair services meant to get your business back into attracting customers and generating revenue in no time.

At Hiway Neon Signs, Our Business is About Making Yours Profitable

HiWay Neon Signs is the Rio Grande Valley’s leading signage company since 1950. Not only were we the first full-service electric sign companies in the entire region since we started, but we have also fully embraced the most modern-day tools, designs, and methods within our craft to ensure your business remains on top in revenue generation. Our dedicated team is ready to take your business’ signage needs to the next level, one step beyond the competition, for years to come.

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