With so many McAllen businesses looking to make a name for themselves in their respective industries, investing in commercial signs, LED or otherwise, is a must. But which industries benefit most from designing, building, and installing commercial signs on their properties? 

To answer that question, almost every industry, and regarding the promotion of the many businesses and services of McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley, HiWay Neon Signs is an expert in the field of neon and LED signs. 

Commercial Signs Made in McAllen Can Benefit Two of the RGV’s Crucial Industries

Evidence shows that a few of the industries that should take advantage of signs are both necessary and beneficial for all McAllen residents – the most important of these being healthcare and education. 

What can LED signs provide those searching for these services? Consider this:

    • LED and digital signs allow for clear communication of business hours or contact information.
    • High-tech LED signs provide potential patients with information regarding a healthcare provider’s services.
    • School signage reaches more students and parents with announcements and events.

 To further improve the lives of citizens, municipalities like McAllen can effectively send out information regarding local concerns, including public transportation and emergency services. 

The right sign in the right place can make all the difference. 

McAllen Signs Are Essential for Essential McAllen Businesses

There are plenty of businesses that we rely on in good and bad times, and LED signs enable them to not only survive but thrive. These essential businesses can include:

    • Banks
    • Restaurants
    • Grocery stores

As more and more banking is done online, LED signs can provide a modern aesthetic to brick-and-mortar banks, which research has shown can entice customers to open new accounts. Just as HiWay Neon Signs helps banks reach new clients, they can also help restaurants reach regulars and new customers.

LED signs promote menu information, including special items and offers. In addition, McAllen brick-and-mortar grocery stores can take advantage of the benefits of LED signs in order to compete with online shopping.

Promoting Leisure Goes Perfectly With Led Signs

It’s a fact, people respond to what they enjoy. HiWay Neon’s seventy-year legacy of doing business in McAllen means local entertainment hotspots can trust them to create and install eye-catching LED signs. 

Additionally, local venues and theaters can rely on HiWay Neon to upgrade their image with gorgeous LED signs: 

    • Bowling alleys, mini-golf, go-kart racing – reach more families looking for a fun time.
    • Concert venues, bars, restaurants – promote your next live show with a colorful sign from HiWay Neon.
    • Movie theaters – let everyone know what’s new at the movies in an exciting way.

Ultimately, these signs promote not only the business but the leisure activities and enjoyment that they offer.

McAllen Industries Need HiWay Neon Signs

With all the benefits that HiWay Neon Signs has to offer the people of McAllen, why wait a second longer to call? We have a variety of services including consultation, designing, manufacturing, repair and installation to serve any and all clients from any and all industries!

If you find yourself in need of a new sign, LED or not, reach out to HiWay Neon Signs today! We are ready and willing to answer all your questions and give your business or service a fresh look!

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