As a business owner, you want to make the smartest and most economical decision when it comes to purchasing an LED sign in McAllen. Making the right decision means understanding the various types of LED signs, including the differences between indoor and outdoor LED signs and lights.

Recognizing these differences is essential during the manufacturing process, so you’ll want to ensure you choose the right option for your business needs. 

Key Differences Between Indoor & Outdoor LED Signs 

1. Resolution 

The location of your McAllen sign will affect the type of LED sign you choose. For instance, outdoor LED signs and lights are typically meant to be seen from further distances and often higher up, meaning your outdoor LED sign can use lower resolutions without negatively impacting visibility. 

On the other hand, indoor LED signs require higher resolutions for optimal quality as customers and viewers will be much closer to the sign. 

2. Brightness

Display brightness is another factor that changes depending on whether or not your sign will be inside or outside. 

With outdoor LED McAllen signs, you’ll have to consider the constant sunlight, rain, and other unpredictable weather conditions of the Rio Grande Valley. Because of this, outdoor LED signs are manufactured to be brighter. 

Once again, because indoor LED signs are meant to be viewed at a shorter distance, they are designed to be much less bright. 

3. Durability

Similar to brightness, display durability is affected by the weather. Naturally, indoor LED displays are not exposed to harsh weather conditions, so they require less protection, which equals less durability. 

Outdoor LED signs in McAllen, however, require weather protection measures, which will affect the way that it is manufactured. 

4. Integration 

When it comes to design integration with your business, indoor LED signs and lights offer the most. That’s because indoor displays can be designed in a variety of styles depending on your needs and the architecture of your physical space. Additionally, indoor LED signs are generally assembled on site, panel by panel. 

On the other hand, while LED signs provide plenty of options and versatility as well, they are typically transported as one whole unit. Thus, there are limitations on size and design, depending on where they will be placed on the property.  

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