Proudly Building and Displaying McAllen Signs for 70 Years

McAllen is a central commercial hub for an international metropolitan area of 2.4 million people, and you know this is only the beginning. Our economy is booming, and our community is prospering more than ever before. And more tourists, Winter Texans, and businesses are taking notice, only perpetuating the profits.

Are your signs in McAllen fit to attract their attention? Point these prospects in your direction with a bold, beautiful, eye-catching sign crafted by McAllen’s premier commercial LED sign maker, HiWay Neon Signs.

Every Commercial Sign Your Business Needs

We have created business landmarks throughout McAllen and across the Rio Grande Valley. Whether you want indoor or outdoor signs, traditional neon or more modern light-emitting diode technology (LED signs), permanent displays or continually updated content, our selection is ready to meet your business’s needs.

A McAllen Sign Service Local Businesses Deserve

We are ready to partner with you from start to finish. With over 40 staff members and the largest fleet of service trucks in the entire region, we’ll help you design, build, and maintain the business signs of your business dreams.

1. Consulting Services – We will meet with you at your location to help determine what sign would bring you the best results. All of our designs will have your customers in mind, while using our personal brand of sleek, modern, and attractive commercial signage.

2. Design – Our award-winning team of designers have helped craft brands for decades. Even if your business lacks an official logo, we can help you create a brand that captures the essence of your establishment.

3. Manufacturing – At our large, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, our team of gifted technicians and craftsmen are ready to produce signs of any shape or size. From traditional neon techniques to modern digital displays, we are ready to build anything you require.

4. Installation and Repairs – Our sister company A-1 SkyLite Signs has mastered installation and repair. Installation will be made to comply with all local building ordinances and safety standards and will use rugged construction to withstand any unexpected weather.

For Over 70 Years, We Have Created McAllen Signs That Put Businesses on the Map

Creating professional signs requires a team of experts to take advantage of the latest technology and manufacturing techniques. When you partner with HiWay Neon Signs, you can rest assured that your business sign in McAllen will be cutting-edge.


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