In this new era of information, it is easy to go online and gather knowledge on a number of topics, including commercial digital signage. However, how do you know what is truthful and what isn’t? 

What do we think we know about LED signs – what is a myth and what isn’t?

The following article breaks down and debunks all the myths associated with commercial digital signage, and will prove that your business can benefit from a McAllen LED sign. 

McAllen LED Signs Are Not Health Hazards

Ever since the introduction of commercial LED signage in the late 20th century, questions arose surrounding its potential side effects on people’s health. Many worry that LED signs and screens can cause headaches and higher chances of illness in those struggling with electrical sensitivity (ES) disorders. 

Let’s debunk this:

  • LED Signs, ES, and Health Risk Mitigation
    • Digital billboards are not allowed to rapidly change images, which can cause headaches/disorientation in some
    • LED signs are required and equipped to greatly reduce brightness at night 

Despite these health mitigations for individuals, many still wonder about the effects LED signs have on motorists. We’ll discuss those next.

McAllen LED Signs Are Safe for Motorists

There is a general idea that commercial LED signage will lead to more distracted drivers, therefore endangering the public. However, there is little evidence supporting this belief.

For example, the U.S. Dept. of Transportation Federal Highway Administration performed an extensive study on the effects LED signs have on drivers, which concluded that:

  • LED signs are not responsible for increases in accidents

The review included different signs from various regions over many years.

The research is clear: there is no connection between motor accidents and the rise in LED signs. McAllen businesses will not have to worry about posing a threat to public safety. However, some may still worry about the signs’ effect on nature; let’s tackle that now.

The Environment and McAllen LED Signs

When it comes to the future and sustainability, commercial signage has come a long way, but there are still many questions surrounding its effect on the world around us. For example:

  • Are LED signs made of toxic materials? – At such low levels, LED signs do not pose significant health hazards when disposed of properly.
  • Can LED signs help us “go green?” – LED signs show a shift toward greater energy efficiency while dimming and heating technologies help offset light pollution.
  • Will LED signs change McAllen’s identity? – Though some worry about McAllen becoming another Times Square, this fear is unfounded as many cities have adopted LED signs and still kept their unique charm.

Though there are legitimate environmental concerns, McAllen LED signs will ensure McAllen keeps its personality and natural beauty.

McAllen LED Signs Will Be Dangerous – Debunked!

After reading the previous information on the supposed “dangers” of LED commercial signage, you should have no problem moving forward on getting your own. Luckily, HiWay Neon Signs has the know-how to design, manufacture, and install an efficient, high-quality, and, most of all – safe – LED sign!

With your concerns put to rest, it’s time to take the next step! 

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