To the delight of many around the Rio Grande Valley, cooler weather is just around the corner. A break from the triple-digit temperatures and high humidity of summer is always welcome even if our winters tend to be mild.

However, if you’re a business owner who has made a significant investment in an outdoor business sign, then you’re going to want to know a few maintenance tips to keep your sign in tiptop shape — even when the weather outside becomes more severe.

Whether high winter winds, low temperatures, or winter precipitation, a change in weather can do a number on your commercial signage.

Don’t let a damaged sign put a damper on your seasonal joy. HiWay Neon Signs has a list of fall and winter maintenance tips that can help you avoid costly damage to your storefront signage.

Taking Care of Your Signage, No Matter the Weather

1. Weatherproof Signage

One of the best investments a business owner can make to protect their outdoor sign is to buy a product that will endure Mother Nature. Investing in weatherproof signage will protect your property from rain, sleet, snow, sun damage, and the wear and tear of everyday use.

Electronic signs that are UL-listed have a high standard of weather readiness that adhere to predetermined specifications and safety standards.

2. Signage Maintenance

In order to keep your signage in excellent working order, it’s important to schedule regular sign maintenance. Crucial sign maintenance is a layered process that involves securing the area around the sign, accessing it, disassembling the sign, repairing/cleaning/inspecting it, and assembling it all back together again.

Many business owners hire professionals signage companies to do maintenance so that they can focus on running their business while the experts take care of lingering signage issues.

3. Improve Visibility

Winter can bring some of the harshest weather to our area. Ensure that your commercial signage is visible even in inclement weather by making sure lights are in working order. Conducting preventive maintenance will ensure that your sign shines brightly no matter the season.

4. Look for Wear and Tear

Catching problems early is crucial to signage maintenance. If you see any obvious wear and tear, it’s time to address it by conducting a maintenance appointment. Be on the lookout for dirty signage, damage, and dullness caused by weather, and burned out or broken lights.

5. Inspect Your Exterior Lighting

A rule of thumb is to check your outdoor lights twice a year. Any exterior lights on your commercial signage that need replacing should be done so immediately for safety and security reasons. This will also help ensure the reduction of energy consumption by keeping the lights clear.

Your Commercial Signage Sellers in the Rio Grande Valley

The pros at HiWay Neon Signs have been serving the signage needs of Rio Grande Valley businesses since 1950. We understand how critical maintenance is to your storefront signage and can be there at your beck and call to address any issues. We’ll make sure that your business gets noticed.

Whether it’s regular maintenance, much-needed repair, or updating your current commercial signage, we’re here to serve your needs and make sure your sign survives everything that fall and winter bring.

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