One of the most crucial aspects for a business, corporate or local, is to effectively engage with their dedicated clients while also working to bring in prospective customers. 

While a social media presence can definitely help to promote your business, what good is that if those same prospective clients can’t easily locate your establishment due to a lack of signage visibility? Bad signage placement can do more damage than good as it can cause potential customers to get frustrated searching for your establishment, which can lead to them taking their business elsewhere.

The Pharr business signage experts of HiWay Neon Signs are here to provide some useful tips on where you should place your storefront signage for optimal promotion and other things to be aware of before installation.

Exterior Signage

Outdoor signage is essential for establishments as it increases visibility and allows customers to easily locate a business.

Placing your sign above your establishment is generally the best option as it marks your brick-and-mortar business. But depending on the location, type of building, and local regulations, this may not always be possible.

If placing signage above your storefront isn’t a viable option, a statistically effective area to place your exterior signage is the parking lot of your business or plaza as prospective customers who are driving by can easily see your establishment.

While a bright and flashy sign can definitely help, sometimes it only takes options such as a monument sign, blade sign, banner, or pylon to get the job done.

Interior Signage 

Once your customers have entered your establishment, placing interior signage throughout the building will help them navigate around your business and help them easily find what they are looking for.

Placing necessary promotional, safety, regulatory, and courtesy signage across your walls, storefront windows, and behind the main cashier or receptionist desks are ideal locations. Not only can these signs be extremely useful for your customers, but they also can help to set the tone of your brand. 

Safety Considerations and Regulations To Be Aware Of

While signage placement is vital, it is important to take into consideration the exact height, size, width, and dimensions of the signs you want produced as they may not be suitable for the building. Additionally, you may need a permit from local authorities to ensure your signs are properly installed and mounted based on local safety ordinances. 

Additionally, by law, you may need to have certain safety signs to inform customers about potential hazards around the store, locations of safety tools such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits, as well as signs indicating a pathway out in the event of an emergency. 

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