Whether you are looking for a custom neon sign to draw clients to your business or want to add some flavor to a personal project, there are a few key things to keep in mind before you decide to go forward with buying one.

Because customized neon signs are purposely made unique, it’s vital to know exactly what you want and how you intend to use it before giving the final okay to manufacture it. 

The Pharr storefront signage experts and commercial signage producers at HiWay Neon Signs are here to briefly explain three important factors to consider before (and after) bringing your neon sign to life!

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Neon Sign

1. Use the right material for your design.

Figuring out how you want your neon sign to look is perhaps the most important step in the entire process. While they make look and feel very similar, it is important to recognize that not all neon signs are created equally.
Whether you want to go with cost-effective materials such as plastic or PVC, or would prefer a premium option such as acrylic, steel, or LED, the material you choose will affect the final product including its durability and aesthetic.

2. Placement is just as important as style.

Investing in a neon sign can be the right decision if – and only if – your space can contribute to making it pop. A monochrome colored wall or a brick wall make excellent backdrops for a neon sign.
However, if the space you are planning to place your neon sign is already brightly illuminated, then it’s a less than ideal location.
Outdoor spaces generally work best for commercial neon signs, especially as night falls, customers will be able to easily find your business.

3. You need the right experts to create your sign.

In order to effectively execute your design, it is important to do your research on any potential commercial neon sign producer you may decide to go with. You want to put your trust, and hard-earned money, in a partner who can truly bring your vision to life.
Thankfully, you don’t have to look any further than the Rio Grande Valley neon signage experts at HiWay Neon Signs!
For over 70 years, HiWay Neon Signs has helped local businesses elevate to the next level by creating the perfect commercial signage to meet their needs.

From standard signage to high quality, custom-made neon signs, our team of experts and designers can help you create a luxurious sign that will help you bring in customers for years to come!

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