So, you’re a McAllen business owner who knows you need new commercial digital signage, but what are the various types? What type is best? Who can help you decide what is right for you? 

Below is a guide to the different types of commercial digital signage, including their backgrounds and benefits as well as drawbacks. After reading the following information, you will see that LED installations from HiWay Neon Signs are the best option for McAllen signs and businesses.

The Pros and Cons of LCD Digital Signage

One type of commercial digital signage is LCD, which stands for “liquid crystal display.” An LCD cell made up of bottom and top plates, as well as liquid crystal, sits atop a base layer. An additional layer is included for protection and anti-reflective coverage. 

There are two types of LCD signage with the difference being their lighting technology:

  • High-Brightness LCDs – These LCDs are built with high-brightness backlights, allowing for more visibility in the sun. 
  • Reflective Color LCDs – These run by reflecting the sun’s rays to illuminate the display.

Unfortunately, high-brightness LCDs need a lot of power and money to run efficiently while Reflective Color LCDs rely on the sun. Therefore, these may not be best for your McAllen sign due to costs and weather conditions.

Electronic Paper Displays Display Poor Power

A low-power and easy-to-read option is electronic paper displays. These take advantage of bistable, reflective LCD technology to create an image only requiring power to change the image. 

While cost-effective, electronic paper displays have more negatives than positives, such as:

  • Not completely available in large-format sizes
  • Cannot produce the same spectrum of color as an LCD sign
  • Many are only capable of black and white images

Though a low-power solution, these paper displays do not have the same benefits as other types of commercial digital signage as you will see with traditional LED signs.

LED Digital Signage Benefits McAllen Businesses

Unlike other signs, LED digital signage utilizes a network of LED lights that create an image when viewed as one. These lights or “pixels” can influence the resolution and clarity of the image through the saturation in the display. LED signs can also be made using an interconnected system of panels allowing them to form into different shapes and sizes.

LED signs are not just powerful but flexible!

  • Unlike LCDs, visible breaks can be made across a series of screen
  • These breaks allow for signs to be wrapped and shaped as needed

Though some argue LED signage exhibits low resolution and requires high-energy consumption, advances in technology and the incredible design work of HiWay Neon Signs eliminate these issues.

The Differences in Digital Signage Matter

HiWay Neon Signs excels in understanding what type of commercial digital signage is best for McAllen businesses. Their expertise in designing and building unique and colorful LED signs is unparalleled; they are truly a customer’s best source for quality signage.

You’ve done the research! Now make the right decision for your McAllen business with an LED sign from HiWay Neon Signs! Our designers are ready to create and manufacture the perfect LED sign for you.

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