HiWay Neon Signs: Building the Best Signs in South Texas Since 1950

We are a full-service sign company located in Pharr, Texas, that has helped business owners in McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville attract more customers to their businesses for over 70 years.

We’ve got everything you need for your business sign, no matter how large or small. From LED signs to pole signs, routed letters, channel letters, multi-tenant signs, wall signs, and monuments, we have the tools, experts, vision, and experience to turn your company’s vision into a reality.

Come see for yourself why HiWay Neon is the Readers’ Choice for Favorite Sign Company in the Rio Grande Valley! We also take great pride as the recipients of 12 Texas Sign Association awards for sign design.

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Having the Best Business Sign is Key to Increasing Revenue

We have 70 years of experience in building the best McAllen signs, and quickly over time, that quality of craftsmanship gained the attention of businesses that needed signs in Brownsville and Harlingen. Our work has put restaurants, car dealerships, supply and convenience stores, retail stores, smartphone/technology service stores, and other retailers on the map.

When we create your business sign, it:

  1. Sets the tone for your establishment
  2. Creates brand association
  3. Attracts more business
  4. Serves as an informative tool
  5. Provides advertising at a very low cost

The more your sign matches your company’s goals, the more positive exposure you will gain as a result. Our sign-making team truly cares about the presentation of your business.

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The Numbers Behind Building the Best Business Signs Don’t Lie

Studies have shown that business signs substantially boost profits. In fact, monument signs can drive sales by 9.3 percent, and pole signs can contribute up to 15.6 percent to your bottom line. If you’re ever looking for new customers, about 12 percent of people move every year, meaning you have an annual opportunity to get a portion of these newcomers.

But it all boils down to how appealing your sign is. A storefront sign needs to flawlessly represent both your business and the unique brand that aligns with it. Best of all, it is an effective way to advertise businesses for a minimal investment, regardless of the season or time of day.

And that takes skill to make it happen, so why not join forces with a sign-making company that has decades of experience?

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